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153 articles found.
The first 100 results are shown.
Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation: A Multifaceted Syndrome with Evolving Therapies.
Vinciguerra M, Grigioni F, Romiti S, Benfari G, Rose D, Spadaccio C, Cimino S, De Bellis A, Greco E.
Biomedicines. 2021; 9(5):
Adult support during childhood: a retrospective study of trusted adult relationships, sources of personal adult support and their association with childhood resilience resources.
Ashton K, Davies AR, Hughes K, Ford K, Cotter-Roberts A, Bellis MA.
BMC psychology. 2021; 9(1): 101
Digital Overuse and Addictive Traits and Their Relationship With Mental Well-Being and Socio-Demographic Factors: A National Population Survey for Wales.
Bellis MA, Sharp CA, Hughes K, Davies AR.
Frontiers in public health. 2021; 9(): 585715
Case Report: as a Rare Pathogen of Mitral Endocarditis.
Vinciguerra M, Santamaria V, Romiti S, D'Abramo M, Toto G, De Bellis A, Taliani G, Sangiorgi G, Greco E.
Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine. 2021; 8(): 648213
The complete chloroplast genome of (Moraceae) and phylogenetic relationships.
de Souza UJB, Dos Santos RN, de Araújo Filho RN, Dos Santos GR, Almeida Sarmento R, De Bellis F, Campos FS.
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources. 2021; 6(8): 2291-2293
Seasonal Abundance of Culicoides at Yongsan US Army Garrison (USAG) and Camp Humphreys USAG, Republic of Korea, 2010-2013 and 2014-2017.
Kim MS, Kim HC, Bellis GA, Chong ST, Kim HS, Klein TA.
The Korean journal of parasitology. 2021; 59(3): 273-280
Software Training in HEP.
Malik S, Meehan S, Lieret K, Oan Evans M, Villanueva MH, Katz DS, Stewart GA, Elmer P, Aziz S, Bellis M, Bianchi RM, Bianco G, Bonilla JS, Burger A, Burzynski J, Chamont D, Feickert M, Gadow P, Gruber BM, Guest D, Hageboeck S, Heinrich L, Horzela MM, Huwiler M, Lange C, Lehmann K, Li K, Majumder D, Mamužić J, Nelson K, Newhouse R, Nibigira E, Norberg S, Pineda AS, Proffitt M, Regnery B, Roepe A, Roiser S, Schreiner H, Shadura O, Stark G, Swatman SN, Thais S, Valassi A, Wunsch S, Yakobovitch D, Yuan S.
Computing and software for big science. 2021; 5(1): 22
The World Is Not Mine - Barriers to Healthcare Access for Bangladeshi Rural Elderly Women.
Hamiduzzaman M, De Bellis A, Abigail W, Kalaitzidis E, Harrington A.
Journal of cross-cultural gerontology. 2021; 36(1): 69-89
Pathological and sub-pathological changes in European rabbit bones: Two reference cases to be applied to the analysis of archaeological assemblages.
Lloveras L, Thomas R, Moreno-García M, Nadal J, Tomàs-Gimeno X, Rissech C, Bellis L.
International journal of paleopathology. 2021; 34(): 90-100
Refining the methods for identifying draught cattle in the archaeological record: Lessons from the semi-feral herd at Chillingham Park.
Thomas R, Bellis L, Gordon R, Holmes M, Johannsen NN, Mahoney M, Smith D.
International journal of paleopathology. 2021; 33(): 84-93
New Flavone C-Glycosides from and Their Anti-Collagenase Activity.
Jakimiuk K, Strawa JW, Granica S, Tomczyk M.
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 26(18):
Statin-Induced Myopathy: Translational Studies from Preclinical to Clinical Evidence.
Camerino GM, Tarantino N, Canfora I, De Bellis M, Musumeci O, Pierno S.
International journal of molecular sciences. 2021; 22(4):
Stress-Induced Hyperglycaemia in Non-Diabetic Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome: From Molecular Mechanisms to New Therapeutic Perspectives.
Bellis A, Mauro C, Barbato E, Ceriello A, Cittadini A, Morisco C.
International journal of molecular sciences. 2021; 22(2):
The Role of lncRNAs in Rare Tumors with a Focus on HOX Transcript Antisense RNA ().
Liguori G, Cerrone M, De Chiara A, Tafuto S, Tracey de Bellis M, Botti G, Di Bonito M, Cantile M.
International journal of molecular sciences. 2021; 22(18):
Molecular Responses to Cadmium Exposure in Two Contrasting Durum Wheat Genotypes.
Sabella E, Luvisi A, Genga A, De Bellis L, Aprile A.
International journal of molecular sciences. 2021; 22(14):
Imaging CAR T-cell kinetics in solid tumors: Translational implications.
Skovgard MS, Hocine HR, Saini JK, Moroz M, Bellis RY, Banerjee S, Morello A, Ponomarev V, Villena-Vargas J, Adusumilli PS.
Molecular therapy oncolytics. 2021; 22(): 355-367
Grey nomads with diabetes self-management on the road - a scoping review.
De Bellis A, McCloud CH, Giles J, Apolloni M, Abigail W, Hill P, McClory L.
Rural and remote health. 2021; 21(3): 6517
Waterproof Graphene-PVDF Wearable Strain Sensors for Movement Detection in Smart Gloves.
Cheraghi Bidsorkhi H, D'Aloia AG, Tamburrano A, De Bellis G, Sarto MS.
Sensors (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 21(16):
Using health impact assessment (HIA) to understand the wider health and well-being implications of policy decisions: the COVID-19 'staying at home and social distancing policy' in Wales.
Green L, Ashton K, Azam S, Dyakova M, Clemens T, Bellis MA.
BMC public health. 2021; 21(1): 1456
Adverse childhood experiences and child mental health: an electronic birth cohort study.
Lowthian E, Anthony R, Evans A, Daniel R, Long S, Bandyopadhyay A, John A, Bellis MA, Paranjothy S.
BMC medicine. 2021; 19(1): 172
PHO1 family members transport phosphate from infected nodule cells to bacteroids in Medicago truncatula.
Nguyen NNT, Clua J, Vetal PV, Vuarambon DJ, De Bellis D, Pervent M, Lepetit M, Udvardi M, Valentine AJ, Poirier Y.
Plant physiology. 2021; 185(1): 196-209
'Health in All Policies'-A Key Driver for Health and Well-Being in a Post-COVID-19 Pandemic World.
Green L, Ashton K, Bellis MA, Clemens T, Douglas M.
International journal of environmental research and public health. 2021; 18(18):
Isolation of Tibet Orbivirus from Culicoides jacobsoni (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae) in China.
Duan YL, Yang ZX, Bellis G, Li L.
Parasites & vectors. 2021; 14(1): 432
Additive manufacturing (3D printing) in superficial brachytherapy.
Bellis R, Rembielak A, Barnes EA, Paudel M, Ravi A.
Journal of contemporary brachytherapy. 2021; 13(4): 468-482
Hypothalamic-Pituitary Autoimmunity in Patients Treated with Anti-PD-1 and Anti-PD-L1 Antibodies.
Bellastella G, Carbone C, Scappaticcio L, Cirillo P, Troiani T, Morgillo F, Vietri MT, Della Corte CM, De Falco V, Napolitano S, Maiorino MI, De Bellis A, Esposito K.
Cancers. 2021; 13(16):
Role of Inflammatory and Immune-Nutritional Prognostic Markers in Patients Undergoing Surgical Resection for Biliary Tract Cancers.
Conci S, Campagnaro T, Danese E, Lombardo E, Isa G, Vitali A, Marchitelli I, Bagante F, Pedrazzani C, De Bellis M, Ciangherotti A, Guglielmi A, Lippi G, Ruzzenente A.
Cancers. 2021; 13(14):
Screening of Olive Biodiversity Defines Genotypes Potentially Resistant to .
Pavan S, Vergine M, Nicolì F, Sabella E, Aprile A, Negro C, Fanelli V, Savoia MA, Montilon V, Susca L, Delvento C, Lotti C, Nigro F, Montemurro C, Ricciardi L, De Bellis L, Luvisi A.
Frontiers in plant science. 2021; 12(): 723879
Diseases Caused by in Genus: An Overview of the Research on an Increasingly Widespread Pathogen.
Greco D, Aprile A, De Bellis L, Luvisi A.
Frontiers in plant science. 2021; 12(): 712452
PD-L1 Dysregulation in COVID-19 Patients.
Sabbatino F, Conti V, Franci G, Sellitto C, Manzo V, Pagliano P, De Bellis E, Masullo A, Salzano FA, Caputo A, Peluso I, Zeppa P, Scognamiglio G, Greco G, Zannella C, Ciccarelli M, Cicala C, Vecchione C, Filippelli A, Pepe S.
Frontiers in immunology. 2021; 12(): 695242
Perceptions of a short animated film on adverse childhood experiences: a mixed methods evaluation.
Ford K, Bellis MA, Isherwood KR, Hughes KE.
BMJ open. 2021; 11(8): e050398
Effect of Tocilizumab in Reducing the Mortality Rate in COVID-19 Patients: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis.
Conti V, Corbi G, Sellitto C, Sabbatino F, Maci C, Bertini N, De Bellis E, Iuliano A, Davinelli S, Pagliano P, Filippelli A.
Journal of personalized medicine. 2021; 11(7):
Chronothyroidology: Chronobiological Aspects in Thyroid Function and Diseases.
Bellastella G, Maiorino MI, Scappaticcio L, De Bellis A, Mercadante S, Esposito K, Bellastella A.
Life (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 11(5):
Asbestos bodies count and morphometry in bulk lung tissue samples by non-invasive X-ray micro-tomography.
Bardelli F, Brun F, Capella S, Bellis D, Cippitelli C, Cedola A, Belluso E.
Scientific reports. 2021; 11(1): 10608
Hypothalamitis: A Novel Autoimmune Endocrine Disease. A Literature Review and Case Report.
Türe U, De Bellis A, Harput MV, Bellastella G, Topcuoglu M, Yaltirik CK, Cirillo P, Yola RN, Sav A, Kelestimur F.
The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism. 2021; 106(2): e415-e429
Influence of individual nodes for continuous-time susceptible-infected-susceptible dynamics on synthetic and real-world networks.
De Bellis A, Pastor-Satorras R, Castellano C.
Physical review. E. 2021; 104(1-1): 014306
Antioxidant Activity and Polyphenols Characterization of Four Monovarietal Grape Pomaces from Salento (Apulia, Italy).
Negro C, Aprile A, Luvisi A, De Bellis L, Miceli A.
Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 10(9):
Interplay between Non-Coding RNA Transcription, Stringent/Relaxed Phenotype and Antibiotic Production in .
Pinatel E, Calcagnile M, Talà A, Damiano F, Siculella L, Peano C, De Benedetto GE, Pennetta A, De Bellis G, Alifano P.
Antibiotics (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 10(8):
Metagenetic Analysis for Microbial Characterization of Doughs Obtained by Using Two Different Starters: Traditional Baker's Yeast and a Selected Strain.
Ferrara M, Sisto A, Mulè G, Lavermicocca P, De Bellis P.
Foods (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 10(6):
Reducing Cardiac Injury during ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction: A Reasoned Approach to a Multitarget Therapeutic Strategy.
Bellis A, Di Gioia G, Mauro C, Mancusi C, Barbato E, Izzo R, Trimarco B, Morisco C.
Journal of clinical medicine. 2021; 10(13):
Evaluation of the quick sequential organ failure assessment score plus lactate in critically ill dogs.
Ortolani JM, Bellis TJ.
The Journal of small animal practice. 2021; ():
Chemo-physical properties of asbestos bodies in human lung tissues studied at the nano-scale by non-invasive, label free x-ray imaging and spectroscopic techniques.
Bardelli F, Brun F, De Panfilis S, Cloetens P, Capella S, Belluso E, Bellis D, Di Napoli A, Cedola A.
Toxicology letters. 2021; ():
Acclimation to future climate exposes vulnerability to cold extremes in intertidal sea hares.
McAlpine-Bellis E, Stillman JH, Tanner RL.
Integrative and comparative biology. 2021; ():
CAR T-cell therapy for pleural mesothelioma: Rationale, preclinical development, and clinical trials.
Chintala NK, Restle D, Quach H, Saini J, Bellis R, Offin M, Beattie J, Adusumilli PS.
Lung cancer (Amsterdam, Netherlands). 2021; ():
COVID-19 pandemic impact on uro-oncological disease outcomes at an Italian tertiary referral center.
Oderda M, Soria F, Rosi F, Calleris G, Mazzoli S, Giordano A, Pizzuto G, Marquis A, De Bellis M, Vitiello F, Vercelli E, Peretti F, Montefusco G, Gontero P.
World journal of urology. 2021; ():
BPIFB4 Circulating Levels and Its Prognostic Relevance in COVID-19.
Ciaglia E, Lopardo V, Montella F, Sellitto C, Manzo V, De Bellis E, Iannaccone T, Franci G, Zannella C, Pagliano P, Di Pietro P, Carrizzo A, Vecchione C, Conti V, Filippelli A, Puca AA.
The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences. 2021; ():
Regulation of aquaporin-4 expression in the central nervous system investigated using M23-AQP4 null mouse.
Pisani F, Simone L, Mola MG, De Bellis M, Frigeri A, Nicchia GP, Svelto M.
Glia. 2021; ():
Prevalence, clinical and instrumental features of left bundle branch block-induced cardiomyopathy: the CLIMB registry.
Sanna GD, De Bellis A, Zecchin M, Beccu E, Carta P, Moccia E, Canonico ME, Parodi G, Sinagra G, Merlo M.
ESC heart failure. 2021; ():
Effect of Diameter and Number of Hepatocellular Carcinomas on Survival After Resection, Transarterial Chemoembolization, and Ablation.
Kawaguchi Y, Hasegawa K, Hagiwara Y, De Bellis M, Famularo S, Panettieri E, Matsuyama Y, Tateishi R, Ichikawa T, Kokudo T, Izumi N, Kubo S, Sakamoto M, Shiina S, Takayama T, Nakashima O, Murakami T, Vauthey JN, Giuliante F, De Carlis L, Romano F, Ruzzenente A, Guglielmi A, Kudo M, Kokudo N.
The American journal of gastroenterology. 2021; ():
BCAAs and Di-Alanine supplementation in the prevention of skeletal muscle atrophy: preclinical evaluation in a murine model of hind limb unloading.
Mantuano P, Boccanegra B, Bianchini G, Conte E, De Bellis M, Sanarica F, Camerino GM, Pierno S, Cappellari O, Allegretti M, Aramini A, De Luca A.
Pharmacological research. 2021; (): 105798
Antitumor and antimigration effects of Salvia clandestina L. extract on osteosarcoma cells.
Muscella A, Stefàno E, De Bellis L, Nutricati E, Negro C, Marsigliante S.
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 2021; ():
Physiological and ecological warnings that dodders pose an exigent threat to farmlands in Eastern Africa.
Masanga J, Mwangi BN, Kibet W, Sagero P, Wamalwa M, Oduor R, Ngugi M, Alakonya A, Ojola P, Bellis ES, Runo S.
Plant physiology. 2021; ():
STOP-sexual violence: evaluation of a community-based nightlife worker awareness raising bystander training programme.
Quigg Z, Bellis MA, Hughes K, Kulhanek A, Brito I, Ross-Houle K, Bigland C, Calafat A, Duch M, .
European journal of public health. 2021; ():
Autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1: an Italian survey on 158 patients.
Garelli S, Dalla Costa M, Sabbadin C, Barollo S, Rubin B, Scarpa R, Masiero S, Fierabracci A, Bizzarri C, Crinò A, Cappa M, Valenzise M, Meloni A, De Bellis AM, Giordano C, Presotto F, Perniola R, Capalbo D, Salerno MC, Stigliano A, Radetti G, Camozzi V, Greggio NA, Bogazzi F, Chiodini I, Pagotto U, Black SK, Chen S, Rees Smith B, Furmaniak J, Weber G, Pigliaru F, De Sanctis L, Scaroni C, Betterle C.
Journal of endocrinological investigation. 2021; ():
Simulation and coaching to prevent aggressive events in aged care: A pilot study.
Gordon S, Gillham D, Xiao L, De Bellis A, Baker N.
Australasian journal on ageing. 2021; ():
Exploring the System Determinants Associated with Senior Women's Access to Medical Care in Rural Bangladesh.
Hamiduzzaman M, De Bellis A, Abigail W.
Ageing international. 2021; (): 1-18
Hypothalamic-Pituitary autoimmunity and related impairment of hormone secretions in chronic fatigue syndrome.
De Bellis A, Bellastella G, Pernice V, Cirillo P, Longo M, Maio A, Scappaticcio L, Maiorino MI, Bellastella A, Esposito K, Montoya JG.
The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism. 2021; ():
Corrigendum to 'Impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on the care of patients with acute and chronic aortic conditions'.
Czerny M, Gottardi R, Puiu P, Bernecker OY, Citro R, Corte AD, di Marco L, Fink M, Gosslau Y, Haldenwang PL, Heijmen RH, Hugas-Mallorqui M, Iesu S, Jacobsen O, Jassar AS, Juraszek A, Kolowca M, Lepidi S, Marrocco-Trischitta MM, Matsuda H, Meisenbacher K, Micari A, Minatoya K, Park KH, Peterss S, Petrich M, Piffaretti G, Probst C, Reutersberg B, Rosati F, Schachner B, Schachner T, Sorokin VA, Szeberin Z, Szopinski P, Di Tommaso L, Trimarchi S, Verhoeven ELG, Vogt F, Voetsch A, Walter T, Weiss G, Yuan X, Benedetto F, De Bellis A, D'Oria M, Discher P, Zierer A, Rylski B, van den Berg JC, Wyss TR,.
European journal of cardio-thoracic surgery : official journal of the European Association for Card. 2021; ():
Intrathecal baclofen pumps in the management of hypertonia in childhood: a UK and Ireland wide survey.
Lodh R, Amin S, Ammar A, Bellis L, Brink P, Calisto A, Crimmins D, Eunson P, Forsyth RJ, Goodden J, Kaminska M, Kehoe J, Kirkpatrick M, Kumar R, Leonard J, Lording A, Martin K, Miller R, Mordekar SR, Pettorini B, Smith M, Smith R, Sneade C, Whitney A, Vloeberghs M, Zaki H, Lumsden DE.
Archives of disease in childhood. 2021; ():
Genomic and functional evaluation of TNFSF14 in multiple sclerosis susceptibility.
Zuccalà M, Barizzone N, Boggio E, Gigliotti L, Sorosina M, Basagni C, Bordoni R, Clarelli F, Anand S, Mangano E, Vecchio D, Corsetti E, Martire S, Perga S, Ferrante D, Gajofatto A, Ivashynka A, Solaro C, Cantello R, Martinelli V, Comi G, Filippi M, Esposito F, Leone M, De Bellis G, Dianzani U, Martinelli-Boneschi F, D'Alfonso S.
Journal of genetics and genomics = Yi chuan xue bao. 2021; ():
ABCG transporters export cutin precursors for the formation of the plant cuticle.
Elejalde-Palmett C, Martinez San Segundo I, Garroum I, Charrier L, De Bellis D, Mucciolo A, Guerault A, Liu J, Zeisler-Diehl V, Aharoni A, Schreiber L, Bakan B, Clausen MH, Geisler M, Nawrath C.
Current biology : CB. 2021; ():
Biochemical Changes in Leaves of cv. Sangiovese Infected by Bois Noir Phytoplasma.
Negro C, Sabella E, Nicolì F, Pierro R, Materazzi A, Panattoni A, Aprile A, Nutricati E, Vergine M, Miceli A, De Bellis L, Luvisi A.
Pathogens (Basel, Switzerland). 2020; 9(4):
Clinical course of COVID-19 in a series of patients with chronic arthritis treated with immunosuppressive targeted therapies.
Monti S, Balduzzi S, Delvino P, Bellis E, Quadrelli VS, Montecucco C.
Annals of the rheumatic diseases. 2020; 79(5): 667-668
Impact of delayed diagnoses at the time of COVID-19: increased rate of preventable bilateral blindness in giant cell arteritis.
Monti S, Delvino P, Bellis E, Milanesi A, Brandolino F, Montecucco C.
Annals of the rheumatic diseases. 2020; 79(12): 1658-1659
The roles and regulation of TBX3 in development and disease.
Khan SF, Damerell V, Omar R, Du Toit M, Khan M, Maranyane HM, Mlaza M, Bleloch J, Bellis C, Sahm BDB, Peres J, ArulJothi KN, Prince S.
Gene. 2020; 726(): 144223
Genomic history and ecology of the geographic spread of rice.
Gutaker RM, Groen SC, Bellis ES, Choi JY, Pires IS, Bocinsky RK, Slayton ER, Wilkins O, Castillo CC, Negrão S, Oliveira MM, Fuller DQ, Guedes JAD, Lasky JR, Purugganan MD.
Nature plants. 2020; 6(5): 492-502
Increase in ring width, vessel number and δ18O in olive trees infected with Xylella fastidiosa.
Sabella E, Moretti S, Gärtner H, Luvisi A, De Bellis L, Vergine M, Saurer M, Cherubini P.
Tree physiology. 2020; 40(11): 1583-1594
Safinamide's potential in treating nondystrophic myotonias: Inhibition of skeletal muscle voltage-gated sodium channels and skeletal muscle hyperexcitability in vitro and in vivo.
Desaphy JF, Farinato A, Altamura C, De Bellis M, Imbrici P, Tarantino N, Caccia C, Melloni E, Padoani G, Vailati S, Keywood C, Carratù MR, De Luca A, Conte D, Pierno S.
Experimental neurology. 2020; 328(): 113287
Antagonistic activity of olive endophytic bacteria and of Bacillus spp. strains against Xylella fastidiosa.
Zicca S, De Bellis P, Masiello M, Saponari M, Saldarelli P, Boscia D, Sisto A.
Microbiological research. 2020; 236(): 126467
Nutritional, antioxidant and sensory properties of functional beef burgers formulated with chia seeds and goji puree, before and after in vitro digestion.
Antonini E, Torri L, Piochi M, Cabrino G, Meli MA, De Bellis R.
Meat science. 2020; 161(): 108021
A framework to assess the quality and impact of bioinformatics training across ELIXIR.
Gurwitz KT, Singh Gaur P, Bellis LJ, Larcombe L, Alloza E, Balint BL, Botzki A, Dimec J, Dominguez Del Angel V, Fernandes PL, Korpelainen E, Krause R, Kuzak M, Le Pera L, Leskošek B, Lindvall JM, Marek D, Martinez PA, Muyldermans T, Nygård S, Palagi PM, Peterson H, Psomopoulos F, Spiwok V, van Gelder CWG, Via A, Vidak M, Wibberg D, Morgan SL, Rustici G.
PLoS computational biology. 2020; 16(7): e1007976
Tripsazea, a Novel Trihybrid of , , and .
Yan X, Cheng M, Li Y, Wu Z, Li Y, Li X, He R, Yang C, Zhao Y, Li H, Wen X, Zhang P, Sam E, Rong T, He J, Tang Q.
G3 (Bethesda, Md.). 2020; 10(2): 839-848
Xylem cavitation susceptibility and refilling mechanisms in olive trees infected by Xylella fastidiosa.
Sabella E, Aprile A, Genga A, Siciliano T, Nutricati E, Nicolì F, Vergine M, Negro C, De Bellis L, Luvisi A.
Scientific reports. 2019; 9(1): 9602
The -Resistant Olive Cultivar "Leccino" Has Stable Endophytic Microbiota during the Olive Quick Decline Syndrome (OQDS).
Vergine M, Meyer JB, Cardinale M, Sabella E, Hartmann M, Cherubini P, De Bellis L, Luvisi A.
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Nutraceutical Properties of Mulberries Grown in Southern Italy (Apulia).
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