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Search Results for Abies balsamea
1125 articles found.
The first 100 results are shown.
Covalently linked pectin-arabinoglucuronoxylan complex from Siberian fir Abies sibirica Ledeb.
Makarova EN, Shakhmatov EG.
Carbohydrate polymers. 2022; 277(): 118832
Structure of KOH-extractable polysaccharides of tree greenery of from Siberian fir Abies sibirica Ledeb.
Shakhmatov EG, Makarova EN.
Carbohydrate polymers. 2022; 276(): 118794
Efficacy and mechanism of essential oil from Abies holophylla leaf on airway inflammation in asthma: Network pharmacology and in vivo study.
Park N, Park SJ, Kim MH, Yang WM.
Phytomedicine : international journal of phytotherapy and phytopharmacology. 2021; 96(): 153898
Interactions among Norway spruce, the bark beetle and its fungal symbionts in times of drought.
Netherer S, Kandasamy D, Jirosová A, Kalinová B, Schebeck M, Schlyter F.
Journal of pest science. 2021; 94(3): 591-614
Post-glacial re-colonization and natural selection have shaped growth responses of silver fir across Europe.
Martínez-Sancho E, Rellstab C, Guillaume F, Bigler C, Fonti P, Wohlgemuth T, Vitasse Y.
The Science of the total environment. 2021; 779(): 146393
The age-dependent sensitivity of Picea abies (L.) H. Karst. to landslide movements.
Šilhán K.
The Science of the total environment. 2021; 776(): 145933
Climate warming induced synchronous growth decline in Norway spruce populations across biogeographical gradients since 2000.
Bosela M, Tumajer J, Cienciala E, Dobor L, Kulla L, Marčiš P, Popa I, Sedmák R, Sedmáková D, Sitko R, Šebeň V, Štěpánek P, Büntgen U.
The Science of the total environment. 2021; 752(): 141794
Brassinosteroids synthesised by CYP85A/A1 but not CYP85A2 function via a BRI1-like receptor but not via BRI1 in Picea abies.
Wang L, Liu J, Shen Y, Pu R, Hou M, Wei Q, Zhang X, Li G, Ren H, Wu G.
Journal of experimental botany. 2021; 72(5): 1748-1763
Investigating Host Preference of Root Endophytes of Three European Tree Species, with a Focus on Members of the - Species Complex (PAC).
Stroheker S, Dubach V, Vögtli I, Sieber TN.
Journal of fungi (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 7(4):
Growth-limiting factors and climate response variability in Norway spruce (Picea abies L.) along an elevation and precipitation gradients in Slovenia.
Jevšenak J, Tychkov I, Gričar J, Levanič T, Tumajer J, Prislan P, Arnič D, Popkova M, Shishov VV.
International journal of biometeorology. 2021; 65(2): 311-324
Characterization of the complete plastid genome of (Pinaceae) from southwest China.
Dong NL, Wang W, Wang Z, Zhang YY, Shao YZ, Sun HZ.
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources. 2021; 6(9): 2772-2774
The complete mitogenome of .
Eo JK.
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources. 2021; 6(1): 6-7
Phytohormones and volatile organic compounds, like geosmin, in the ectomycorrhiza of Tricholoma vaccinum and Norway spruce (Picea abies).
Abdulsalam O, Wagner K, Wirth S, Kunert M, David A, Kallenbach M, Boland W, Kothe E, Krause K.
Mycorrhiza. 2021; 31(2): 173-188
Direct response of tree growth to soil water and its implications for terrestrial carbon cycle modelling.
Eckes-Shephard AH, Tiavlovsky E, Chen Y, Fonti P, Friend AD.
Global change biology. 2021; 27(1): 121-135
Phyto-Functionalized Silver Nanoparticles Derived from Conifer Bark Extracts and Evaluation of Their Antimicrobial and Cytogenotoxic Effects.
Macovei I, Luca SV, Skalicka-Woźniak K, Sacarescu L, Pascariu P, Ghilan A, Doroftei F, Ursu EL, Rimbu CM, Horhogea CE, Lungu C, Vochita G, Panainte AD, Nechita C, Corciova MA, Miron A.
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 27(1):
Characterization of pectin-xylan-glucan-arabinogalactan proteins complex from Siberian fir Abies sibirica Ledeb.
Makarova EN, Shakhmatov EG.
Carbohydrate polymers. 2021; 260(): 117825
Wood Extractives of Silver Fir and Their Antioxidant and Antifungal Properties.
Vek V, Keržič E, Poljanšek I, Eklund P, Humar M, Oven P.
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 26(21):
Convenient Preparation and Spectroscopic Characterization of 7-Hydroxymatairesinol.
Colombo E, Paladino G, Ciriello U, Passarella D.
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 26(19):
Terpenoids from Attenuate LPS-Induced Neuroinflammation in Microglial Cells by Suppressing the JNK-Related Signaling Pathway.
Subedi L, Yumnam S.
International journal of molecular sciences. 2021; 22(2):
Leveraging breeding programs and genomic data in Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst) for GWAS analysis.
Chen ZQ, Zan Y, Milesi P, Zhou L, Chen J, Li L, Cui B, Niu S, Westin J, Karlsson B, García-Gil MR, Lascoux M, Wu HX.
Genome biology. 2021; 22(1): 179
Publisher Correction: Leveraging breeding programs and genomic data in Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst) for GWAS analysis.
Chen ZQ, Zan Y, Milesi P, Zhou L, Chen J, Li L, Cui B, Niu S, Westin J, Karlsson B, García-Gil MR, Lascoux M, Wu HX.
Genome biology. 2021; 22(1): 210
Development of a highly efficient 50K single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping array for the large and complex genome of Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst) by whole genome resequencing and its transferability to other spruce species.
Bernhardsson C, Zan Y, Chen Z, Ingvarsson PK, Wu HX.
Molecular ecology resources. 2021; 21(3): 880-896
Glycosylated constituents isolated from the trunk of Abies holophylla and their anti-inflammatory and neurotrophic activity.
Lee TH, Subedi L, Ha YJ, Moon G, Kim SY, Kim CS.
Phytochemistry. 2021; 192(): 112962
Pest categorisation of .
, Bragard C, Di Serio F, Gonthier P, Jaques Miret JA, Justesen AF, Magnusson CS, Milonas P, Navas-Cortes JA, Parnell S, Potting R, Reignault PL, Thulke HH, Van der Werf W, Vicent Civera A, Yuen J, Zappalà L, Gregoire JC, Malumphy C, Czwienczek E, Kertesz V, Maiorano A, MacLeod A.
EFSA journal. European Food Safety Authority. 2021; 19(11): e06928
Needle volatiles as chemophenetic markers in differentiation of natural populations of Abies alba, A. x borisii-regis, and A. cephalonica.
Nikolić JS, Zlatković BK, Jovanović SČ, Stojanović GS, Marin PD, Mitić ZS.
Phytochemistry. 2021; 183(): 112612
Headspace GC-MS analysis of differences in intra- and interspecific Terpene profiles of Picea pungens Engelm. and P. abies (L.) Karst.
Raber AG, Peachey-Stoner RJ, Cessna SG, Siderhurst MS.
Phytochemistry. 2021; 181(): 112541
Sequestration of Mercury in Soils under Scots Pine and Silver Fir Stands Located in the Proximity to a Roadway.
Gruba P, Kania M, Kupka D, Pietrzykowski M.
International journal of environmental research and public health. 2021; 18(9):
Wood profiling by non-targeted liquid chromatography high-resolution mass spectrometry: Part 2, Detection of the geographical origin of spruce wood (Picea abies) by determination of metabolite pattern.
Creydt M, Lautner S, Fromm J, Fischer M.
Journal of chromatography. A. 2021; 1663(): 462737
Quantitative analysis of differential dehydrin regulation in pine and spruce seedlings under water deficit.
Kartashov AV, Zlobin IE, Pashkovskiy PP, Pojidaeva ES, Ivanov YV, Mamaeva AS, Fesenko IA, Kuznetsov VV.
Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB. 2021; 162(): 237-246
Non-adaptive evolutionary processes governed the diversification of a temperate conifer lineage after its migration into the tropics.
Cruz-Nicolás J, Villarruel-Arroyo A, Gernandt DS, Fonseca RM, Aguirre-Planter E, Eguiarte LE, Jaramillo-Correa JP.
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution. 2021; 160(): 107125
Competition in Abies kawakamii forests at subtropical high mountain in Taiwan.
Wang W, Liao MC, Tzeng HY.
PloS one. 2021; 16(7): e0254791
Liquid and Vapor Phase of Four Conifer-Derived Essential Oils: Comparison of Chemical Compositions and Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Properties.
Garzoli S, Masci VL, Caradonna V, Tiezzi A, Giacomello P, Ovidi E.
Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 14(2):
Original Contributions to the Chemical Composition, Microbicidal, Virulence-Arresting and Antibiotic-Enhancing Activity of Essential Oils from Four Coniferous Species.
Visan DC, Oprea E, Radulescu V, Voiculescu I, Biris IA, Cotar AI, Saviuc C, Chifiriuc MC, Marinas IC.
Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 14(11):
Geographical Distribution and Long-Term Monitoring of (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha: Coccidae) on spp. (Pinales: Pinaceae) in Greece.
Papanastasiou I, Kavallieratos NG, Papadoulis GT, Emmanouil C, Emmanouel NG.
Insects. 2021; 12(11):
Somatic Embryo Yield and Quality From Norway Spruce Embryogenic Tissue Proliferated in Suspension Culture.
Välimäki S, Hazubska-Przybył T, Ratajczak E, Tikkinen M, Varis S, Aronen T.
Frontiers in plant science. 2021; 12(): 791549
The Molecular Information About Deadwood Bacteriomes Partly Depends on the Targeted Environmental DNA.
Probst M, Ascher-Jenull J, Insam H, Gómez-Brandón M.
Frontiers in microbiology. 2021; 12(): 640386
Evolvability of Drought Response in Four Native and Non-native Conifers: Opportunities for Forest and Genetic Resource Management in Europe.
Schueler S, George JP, Karanitsch-Ackerl S, Mayer K, Klumpp RT, Grabner M.
Frontiers in plant science. 2021; 12(): 648312
Solubilization Method for Isolation of Photosynthetic Mega- and Super-complexes from Conifer Thylakoids.
Bag P, Schröder WP, Jansson S, Farci D.
Bio-protocol. 2021; 11(17): e4144
Foliar Fungal Endophytes in a Tree Diversity Experiment Are Driven by the Identity but Not the Diversity of Tree Species.
Kambach S, Sadlowski C, Peršoh D, Guerreiro MA, Auge H, Röhl O, Bruelheide H.
Life (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 11(10):
Nutrient trade-offs mediated by ectomycorrhizal strategies in plants: Evidence from an species in subalpine forests.
Chen L, Jiang C, Wang X, Feng Q, Liu X, Tang Z, Sun OJ.
Ecology and evolution. 2021; 11(10): 5281-5294
Complete Genome Sequence of sp. Strain 37, a Plant Growth-Promoting Bacterium Isolated from the Rhizosphere of Abies nordmanniana (Nordmann Fir).
Garcia-Lemos AM, Hennessy RC, Nielsen TK, Hansen LH, Nicolaisen MH.
Microbiology resource announcements. 2021; 10(8):
Phytochemical Profile and Biological Effects of Spruce () Bark Subjected to Ultrasound Assisted and Microwave-Assisted Extractions.
Nisca A, Ștefănescu R, Stegăruș DI, Mare AD, Farczadi L, Tanase C.
Plants (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 10(5):
Two-Species Forests at the Treeline of Siberian Mountains: An Ecophysiological Perspective under Climate Change.
Pakharkova N, Kazantseva A, Sharafutdinov R, Borisova I, Gavrikov V.
Plants (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 10(4):
Telomere Length in Norway Spruce during Somatic Embryogenesis and Cryopreservation.
Aronen T, Virta S, Varis S.
Plants (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 10(2):
Killing two enemies with one stone?: Genomics of resistance to two sympatric pathogens in Norway spruce.
Capador-Barreto HD, Bernhardsson C, Milesi P, Vos I, Lundén K, Wu HX, Karlsson B, Ingvarsson PK, Stenlid J, Elfstrand M.
Molecular ecology. 2021; ():
Persistent yet vulnerable: resurvey of an Abies ecotone reveals few differences but vulnerability to climate change.
Nelson KN, O'Dean E, Knapp EE, Parker AJ, Bisbing SM.
Ecology. 2021; (): e03525
Gas Chromatographic-Mass Spectrometric Analysis, antibacterial, Antioxidant and Antiproliferative Activities of the Needle Essential Oil of Abies pindrow growing wild in Kashmir, India.
Zubaid-Ul-Khazir , Yatoo GN, Wani H, Shah SA, Zargar MI, Rather MA, Banday JA.
Microbial pathogenesis. 2021; (): 105013
Growth resistance and resilience of mixed silver fir and Norway spruce forests in central Europe: Contrasting responses to mild and severe droughts.
Bottero A, Forrester DI, Cailleret M, Kohnle U, Gessler A, Michel D, Bose AK, Bauhus J, Bugmann H, Cuntz M, Gillerot L, Hanewinkel M, Lévesque M, Ryder J, Sainte-Marie J, Schwarz J, Yousefpour R, Zamora-Pereira JC, Rigling A.
Global change biology. 2021; ():
Tracing historical changes, degradation, and original sources of airborne polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Jilin Province, China, by Abies holophylla and Pinus tabuliformis needle leaves.
Wang Z, Jin X, Kaw HY, Fatima Z, Quinto M, Zhou JL, Jin D, He M, Li D.
Environmental science and pollution research international. 2021; ():
Whole wheat bread enriched with silver fir needles (Abies alba Mill.) extract: technological and antioxidant properties.
Parenti O, Albanese L, Guerrini L, Zanoni B, Zabini F, Meneguzzo F.
Journal of the science of food and agriculture. 2021; ():
Trends in climatically-driven extreme growth reductions of Picea abies and Pinus sylvestris in Central Europe.
Treml V, Mašek J, Tumajer J, Rydval M, Čada V, Ledvinka O, Svoboda M.
Global change biology. 2021; ():
Photosynthetic sensitivity to historic meteorological variability for conifers in the eastern Sierra Nevada.
Ross KM, Loik ME.
International journal of biometeorology. 2021; ():
Intra-specific leaf trait variability of F. sylvatica, Q. petraea and P. abies in response to inter-specific competition and implications for forest functioning.
Serrano-León H, Nitschke R, Scherer-Lorenzen M, Forrester DI.
Tree physiology. 2021; ():
Candidate regulators and target genes of drought stress in needles and roots of Norway spruce.
Haas JC, Vergara A, Serrano AR, Mishra S, Hurry V, Street NR.
Tree physiology. 2021; ():
Fine-scale spatial genetic structure across the species range reflects recent colonization of high elevation habitats in silver fir (Abies alba Mill.).
Major EI, Höhn M, Avanzi C, Fady B, Heer K, Opgenoorth L, Piotti A, Popescu F, Postolache D, Vendramin GG, Csilléry K.
Molecular ecology. 2021; ():
Interactions between species changes the uptake of ammonium and nitrate in Abies faxoniana and Picea asperata.
Hu X, Li W, Liu Q, Yin C.
Tree physiology. 2021; ():
Pit aspiration causes an apparent loss of xylem hydraulic conductivity in a subalpine fir (Abies mariesii Mast.) overwintering at the alpine timberline.
Maruta E, Yazaki K, Ogasa MY, Taneda H.
Tree physiology. 2021; ():
Recovery of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) seedlings from ungulate browsing mirrors soil nitrogen availability.
Csilléry K, Buchmann N, Brendel O, Gessler A, Glauser A, Doris Kupferschmid A.
Tree physiology. 2021; ():
Abieshanesides A and B: Two unique ent-18,19-dinoricetexane diterpenoid glycosides from Abies beshanzuensis M.H. Wu.
Xu JB, Xie XY, Zhou QQ, Zhu JY.
Fitoterapia. 2021; (): 105096
High-frequency stable isotope signals in uneven-aged forests as proxy for physiological responses to climate in Central Europe.
Vitali V, Klesse S, Weigt R, Treydte K, Frank D, Saurer M, Siegwolf RTW.
Tree physiology. 2021; ():
Improved performance of the eastern spruce budworm on black spruce as warming temperatures disrupt phenological defenses.
Bellemin-Noël B, Bourassa S, Despland E, De Grandpré L, Pureswaran DS.
Global change biology. 2021; ():
High resilience of carbon transport in long-term drought stressed mature Norway spruce trees within two weeks after drought release.
Hikino K, Danzberger J, Riedel VP, Rehschuh R, Ruehr NK, Hesse BD, Lehmann MM, Buegger F, Weikl F, Pritsch K, Grams TEE.
Global change biology. 2021; ():
Estimates of phoretic mite abundance on bark beetles as affected by beetle capture method: a case study with Mesostigmata mites and Ips typographus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae).
Holuša J, Čejka M.
Experimental & applied acarology. 2020; 82(3): 347-357
Simultaneous removal of lead, copper, cadmium, nickel, and cobalt heavy metal ions from the quinary system by Abies bornmulleriana cones.
Oguz E.
Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Resear. 2020; 82(12): 3032-3046
Fungal Succession During the Decomposition of Ectomycorrhizal Fine Roots.
Gray L, Kernaghan G.
Microbial ecology. 2020; 79(2): 271-284
Air temperature is the main driving factor of radiation use efficiency and carbon storage of mature Norway spruce stands under global climate change.
Černý J, Pokorný R, Vejpustková M, Šrámek V, Bednář P.
International journal of biometeorology. 2020; 64(9): 1599-1611
Production of Fungal Mycelia in a Temperate Coniferous Forest Shows Distinct Seasonal Patterns.
Štursová M, Kohout P, Human ZR, Baldrian P.
Journal of fungi (Basel, Switzerland). 2020; 6(4):
Phylogenetic placement and lectotypification of ().
Suija A, Haldeman M, Zimmermann E, Braun U, Diederich P.
Fungal systematics and evolution. 2020; 5(): 139-149
Photosynthetic performance of silver fir (Abies alba) of different origins under suboptimal growing conditions.
Konôpková A, Pšidová E, Kurjak D, Stojni SA, Petrík P, Fleischer P, Ku Erová J, Ježík M, Petek A, Gömöry D, Kme J, Longauer R, Ditmarová U.
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