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Gambling in COVID-19 Lockdown in the UK: Depression, Stress, and Anxiety.
Sharman S, Roberts A, Bowden-Jones H, Strang J.
Frontiers in psychiatry. 2021; 12(): 621497 [413]
Phytochemical analysis and fabrication of silver nanoparticles using : An efficacious and ecofriendly control tool against selected polyphagous insect pests.
Baranitharan M, Alarifi S, Alkahtani S, Ali D, Elumalai K, Pandiyan J, Krishnappa K, Rajeswary M, Govindarajan M.
Saudi journal of biological sciences. 2021; 28(1): 148-156 [337]
Sulfated flavanones and dihydroflavonols from willow.
Noleto-Dias C, Harflett C, Beale MH, Ward JL.
Phytochemistry letters. 2020; 35(): 88-93 [298]
Tuberculous tenosynovitis involving wrist and extensor compartment of the forearm: Case presentation
Ali Yuce, Bulent Karslioglu, Mustafa Yerli, Suleyman Semih Dedeoglu, Yunus Imren, Hakan Gurbuz.
Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2021; 10(1): 226-9 [71]
Letter to the editor by the American Foregut Society Bariatric Committee on Combined Magnetic Sphincter Augmentation and Bariatric Surgery.
Khaitan L, Abu Dayyeh BK, Lipham J, Bell R, Kahrilas P, .
Surgery for obesity and related diseases : official journal of the American Society for Bariatric S. 2021; (): [63]
Normal Tissue Complication Probability (NTCP) prediction model for osteoradionecrosis of the mandible in head and neck cancer patients following radiotherapy: Large-scale observational cohort.
van Dijk LV, Abusaif AA, Rigert J, Naser MA, Hutcheson KA, Lai SY, Fuller CD, Mohamed ASR, .
International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics. 2021; (): [59]
Robotics Versus Navigation Versus Conventional Total Hip Arthroplasty: Does the Use of Technology Yield Superior Outcomes?
Singh V, Realyvasquez J, Simcox T, Rozell JC, Schwarzkopf R, Davidovitch RI.
The Journal of arthroplasty. 2021; (): [57]
Old Tricks, New Opportunities: How Companies Violate the International Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes and Undermine Maternal and Child Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Ching C, Zambrano P, Nguyen TT, Tharaney M, Zafimanjaka MG, Mathisen R.
International journal of environmental research and public health. 2021; 18(5): [54]
Augmenting Follow-up of Incidental Imaging Findings.
Lee JC, Delaney FT.