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Effects of Cigarette Smoking on Preimplantation Embryo Development.
Zhan S, Huang J.
Advances in experimental medicine and biology. 2021; 1300(): 137-150
Extracellular Superoxide Produced by Enterococcus faecalis Reduces Endometrial Receptivity via Inflammatory Injury.
Zhang Z, Li T, Xu L, Wang Q, Li H, Wang X.
American journal of reproductive immunology (New York, N.Y. : 1989). 2021; (): e13453
Potential biomarkers of infertility associated with microbiome imbalances.
Azpiroz MA, Orguilia L, Palacio MI, Malpartida A, Mayol S, Mor G, Gutiérrez G.
American journal of reproductive immunology (New York, N.Y. : 1989). 2021; (): e13438
Association of XRCC1 and ERCC2 promoters' methylation with chromatin condensation and sperm DNA fragmentation in idiopathic oligoasthenoteratozoospermic men.
Metin Mahmutoglu A, Gunes S, Asci R, Henkel R, Aydin O.
Andrologia. 2021; 53(2): e13925
Tobacco smoking and its impact on the expression level of sperm nuclear protein genes: H2BFWT, TNP1, TNP2, PRM1 and PRM2.
Amor H, Zeyad A, Hammadeh ME.
Andrologia. 2021; 53(3): e13964
In vitro effects of aqueous extract of fermented rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) on human sperm function.
Takalani NB, Adefolaju GA, Henkel R, Opuwari CS.
Andrologia. 2021; (): e14114
Prediction of reproductive function recovery after microsurgical varicocelectomy in men from infertile couples: Clinical and laboratory predictors.
Shomarufov AB, Bozhedomov VA, Akilov FA, Mukhtarov ST, Giyasov SI, Abbosov SA, Kamalov AA.
Andrologia. 2021; (): e14101
Association between latent toxoplasmosis and fertility parameters of men.
Hlaváčová J, Flegr J, Řežábek K, Calda P, Kaňková Š.
Andrology. 2021; ():
Improvement of sperm morphology after surgical varicocele repair.
Morini D, Spaggiari G, Daolio J, Melli B, Nicoli A, De Feo G, Valli B, Viola D, Garganigo S, Magnani E, Pilia A, Polese A, Colla R, Simoni M, Aguzzoli L, Villani MT, Santi D.
Andrology. 2021; ():
Patients with unexplained primary infertility have similar uterine and ovarian blood flow parameters compared with fertile cases: A prospective cross-sectional study Running title: unexplained primary infertility and uterine-ovarian blood flow
Ayse Nur Aksoy, Gulsah Tanas Sarikas, Elif Guven Gozgec, Ozlem Gunduz.
Annals of Medical Research. 2021; 28(1): 136-9
IVF/ICSI outcomes in single-versus double-lumen oocyte retrieval needles in patients with unexplained infertility
Nefise Nazli Yenigul, Runa Ozelci, Serdar Dilbaz, Emre Baser, Oya Aldemir, Berna Dilbaz, Ozlem Moraloglu Tekin.
Annals of Medical Research. 2021; 28(2): 281-5
Decline of semen quality over the last 30 years in Uruguay.
Rosa-Villagrán L, Barrera N, Montes J, Riso C, Sapiro R.
Basic and clinical andrology. 2021; 31(1): 8
Attainment and Maintenance of Pubertal Cyclicity May Predict Reproductive Longevity in Beef Heifers†.
Nafziger SR, Tenley SC, Summers AF, Abedal-Majed MA, Hart M, Bergman JW, Kurz SG, Davis JS, Wood JR, Cupp AS.
Biology of reproduction. 2021; ():
Xiaokang Liuwei Dihuang decoction ameliorates the immune infertility of male rats induced by lipopolysaccharide through regulating the levels of sex hormones, reactive oxygen species, pro-apoptotic and immune factors.
Sun X, Wu B, Geng L, Zhang J, Qin G.
Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie. 2021; 139(): 111514
Counteracting effects of heavy metals and antioxidants on male fertility.
Ghafouri-Fard S, Shoorei H, Mohaqiq M, Tahmasebi M, Seify M, Taheri M.
Biometals : an international journal on the role of metal ions in biology, biochemistry, and medici. 2021; ():
Detection of AZF microdeletions and reproductive hormonal profile analysis of infertile sudanese men pursuing assisted reproductive approaches.
Elsaid HOA, Gadkareim T, Abobakr T, Mubarak E, Abdelrhem MA, Abu D, Alhassan EA, Abushama H.
BMC urology. 2021; 21(1): 69
Men's perception and understanding of male-factor infertility in the UK.
Stevenson EL, Ching-Yu C, Chia-Hao C, McEleny KR.
British journal of nursing (Mark Allen Publishing). 2021; 30(9): S8-S16
Possible Relevance of Soluble Luteinizing Hormone Receptor during Development and Adulthood in Boys and Men.
Juel Mortensen L, Lorenzen M, Jørgensen A, Albrethsen J, Jørgensen N, Møller S, Andersson AM, Juul A, Blomberg Jensen M.
Cancers. 2021; 13(6):
Erectile function in SRY positive 46,XX males with normal phenotype.
Yiğman M, Tangal S, Haliloğlu AH, Çağlar GS.
Central European journal of urology. 2021; 74(1): 95-98
Current ethical aspects of absolute uterine factor infertility treatment using uterus transplantation.
R C, M N, M Č, R C, Z P.
Ceska gynekologie. 2021; 86(1): 40-45
A homozygous missense mutation in TBPL2 is associated with oocyte maturation arrest and degeneration.
Wang Y, Xiang M, Yu Z, Hao Y, Xu Q, Kong S, Wang F, Shi X, Song G, Cao Y, Huang L, Zhu F.
Clinical genetics. 2021; ():
Stimulant-Induced Pituitary Failure and Reversible Azoospermia.
Abdalla TE, Kotsonis D, Best J, Ramasamy R, Wood E.
Cureus. 2021; 13(4): e14269
Mus musculus Barrier-To-Autoin