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Cryopreservation of Spix's yellow-toothed cavy epididymal sperm using Tris- and coconut water-based extenders supplemented with egg yolk or Aloe vera.
Jeronimo Moreira SS, Maria da Silva A, Paz Souza AL, Gurgel Praxedes EC, Freire de Souza Junior JB, Pereira AF, Silva AR.
Cryobiology. 2021; 99(): 40-45
Design, synthesis and anti-inflammatory study of novel N-heterocyclic substituted Aloe-emodin derivatives.
Qiu X, Pei H, Ni H, Su Z, Li Y, Yang Z, Dou C, Chen L, Wan L.
Chemical biology & drug design. 2021; 97(2): 358-371
Effect of adding Aloe vera jell on the quality and sensory properties of yogurt.
Ikram A, Qasim Raza S, Saeed F, Afzaal M, Munir H, Ahmed A, Babar Bin Zahid M, Muhammad Anjum F.
Food science & nutrition. 2021; 9(1): 480-488
Silk derived formulations for accelerated wound healing in diabetic mice.
Tariq M, Tahir HM, Butt SA, Ali S, Ahmad AB, Raza C, Summer M, Hassan A, Nadeem J.
PeerJ. 2021; 9(): e10232
Synthesis and Characterization of High Strength Multipurpose Bacterial Cellulose- Hydrogels.
Ul-Islam M, Ahmad F, Fatima A, Shah N, Yasir S, Ahmad MW, Manan S, Ullah MW.
Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology. 2021; 9(): 601988
Aloe-emodin relieves zidovudine-induced injury in neonatal rat ventricular myocytes by regulating the p90rsk/p-bad/bcl-2 signaling pathway.
Zhao W, Yuan Y, Feng B, Sun Y, Jiang H, Zhao W, Zheng Y, Zhao L, Chen T, Bai Y, Hang P, Chen Y, Du Z.
Environmental toxicology and pharmacology. 2021; 81(): 103540
Absence of genotoxicity of purified whole leaf dry juice as assessed by an mouse lymphoma assay and an comet assay in male F344 rats.
Hu J, Lloyd M, Hobbs C, Cox P, Burke K, Pearce G, Streicker MA, Gao Q, Frankos V.
Toxicology reports. 2021; 8(): 511-519
Effects of Aloe vera in adults with mucocutaneous problems: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Gok Metin Z, Helvaci A, Gulbahar Eren M.
Journal of advanced nursing. 2021; 77(3): 1105-1126
Efficacy of Aloe-Vera Use for Prevention of Chemotherapy-Induced Oral Mucositis in Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial.
Alkhouli M, Laflouf M, Alhaddad M.
Comprehensive child and adolescent nursing. 2021; 44(1): 49-62
Evaluation of various estimators for standardized mean difference in meta-analysis.
Lin L, Aloe AM.
Statistics in medicine. 2021; 40(2): 403-426
Two chromones with antimicrobial activity from the leaf latex of Reynolds.
Hiruy M, Bisrat D, Mazumder A, Asres K.
Natural product research. 2021; 35(6): 1052-1056
Aloe vera and health outcomes: An umbrella review of systematic reviews and meta-analyses.
Sadoyu S, Rungruang C, Wattanavijitkul T, Sawangjit R, Thakkinstian A, Chaiyakunapruk N.
Phytotherapy research : PTR. 2021; 35(2): 555-576
Pre-harvest application of chitosan and postharvest Aloe vera gel coating enhances quality of table grape (Vitis vinifera L. cv. 'Yaghouti') during postharvest period.
Ehtesham Nia A, Taghipour S, Siahmansour S.
Food chemistry. 2021; 347(): 129012
Aloe vera gel coating aggravates superficial scald incidence in 'Starking' apples during low-temperature storage.
Liu H, Liu S, Du B, Dong K, Wang Y, Zhang Y.
Food chemistry. 2021; 339(): 128151
Molecular characterization of endangered endemic plant using chloroplast and plastid gene.
Alaklabi A, Ahamed A, Al Qthanin RN, Arif IA, Panneerselvam A, Al-Khulaidi AW.
Saudi journal of biological sciences. 2021; 28(1): 1123-1127
Role of zonulin and GLP-1/DPP-IV in alleviation of diabetes mellitus by peptide/polypeptide fraction of Aloe vera in streptozotocin- induced diabetic wistar rats.
Babu SN, Govindarajan S, Vijayalakshmi MA, Noor A.
Journal of ethnopharmacology. 2021; 272(): 113949
Alleviation of diabetes mellitus through the restoration of β-cell function and lipid metabolism by Aloe vera (L.) Burm. f. extract in obesogenic WNIN/GR-Ob rats.
Deora N, Sunitha MM, Satyavani M, Harishankar N, Vijayalakshmi MA, Venkataraman K, Venkateshan V.
Journal of ethnopharmacology. 2021; 272(): 113921
Aloe Vera; A new treatment for atrophic vaginitis, A randomized double-blinded controlled trial.
Poordast T, Ghaedian L, Ghaedian L, Najib FS, Alipour S, Hosseinzadeh M, Vardanjani HM, Salehi A, Hosseinimehr SJ.
Journal of ethnopharmacology. 2021; 270(): 113760
Topical aloe vera for the treatment of cetuximab-related acneiform rash in colorectal cancer: A case report.
Gürbüz M, Akkuş E, Utkan G.
Journal of oncology pharmacy practice : official publication of the International Society of Oncolo. 2021; 27(2): 480-484
Physicochemical features assessment of acemannan-based ternary blended films for biomedical purposes.
Rodrigues LC, Fernandes EM, Ribeiro AR, Ribeiro AP, Silva SS, Reis RL.
Carbohydrate polymers. 2021; 257(): 117601
Study on fecal fermentation characteristics of aloe polysaccharides in vitro and their predictive modeling.
Liu C, Du P, Cheng Y, Guo Y, Hu B, Yao W, Zhu X, Qian H.
Carbohydrate polymers. 2021; 256(): 117571
Spectrochemical and biochemical assay comparison study of the healing effect of the Aloe vera and Hypericum perforatum loaded nanofiber dressings on diabetic wound.
Guleken Z, Depciuch J, Ege H, İlbay G, Kalkandelen C, Ozbeyli D, Bulut H, Sener G, Tarhan N, Erdem Kuruca S.
Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy. 2021; 254(): 119639
A Comparative Study to Evaluate Efficacy of Curcumin and Aloe Vera Gel along with Oral Physiotherapy in the Management of Oral Submucous Fibrosis: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Nerkar Rajbhoj A, Kulkarni TM, Shete A, Shete M, Gore R, Sapkal R.
Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP. 2021; 22(S1): 107-112
Influence of Static Magnetic Field on HeLa and Huo2 Cells in the Presence of Aloe vera Extract.
Satari M, Javani Jouni F, Abolmaleki P, Soleimani H.
Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP. 2021; 22(S1): 9-15
Immunobiology and Application of Aloe Vera-Based Scaffolds in Tissue Engineering.
Darzi S, Paul K, Leitan S, Werkmeister JA, Mukherjee S.
International journal of molecular sciences. 2021; 22(4):
Synergistic antifungal evaluation of over-the-counter antifungal creams with turmeric essential oil or Aloe vera gel against pathogenic fungi.
Ogidi CO, Ojo AE, Ajayi-Moses OB, Aladejana OM, Thonda OA, Akinyele BJ.
BMC complementary medicine and therapies. 2021; 21(1): 47
Fast and easily applicable LC-UV method for analysis of bioactive anthrones from Aloe leaf latex.
Sibhat G, Kahsay G, Van Schepdael A, Adams E.
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis. 2021; 195(): 113834
Aloe-emodin, a naturally occurring anthraquinone, is a highly potent mast cell stabilizer through activating mitochondrial calcium uniporter.
Gao Y, Zhang X, Li X, Qi R, Han Y, Kang Y, Cai R, Peng C, Qi Y.
Biochemical pharmacology. 2021; 186(): 114476
Comparison of the Remineralizing Effect of Brushing with Aloe vera versus Fluoride Toothpaste.
Al Haddad T, Khoury E, Farhat Mchayleh N.
European journal of dentistry. 2021; 15(1): 133-138
Efficacy and Safety of Metformin for Obesity: A Systematic Review.
Masarwa R, Brunetti VC, Aloe S, Henderson M, Platt RW, Filion KB.
Pediatrics. 2021; 147(3):
Retrobulbar administration of purified anti-nerve growth factor in developing rats induces structural and biochemical changes in the retina and cornea.
Aloe L, Rocco ML, Balzamino BO, Esposito G, Micera A.
International journal of ophthalmology. 2021; 14(2): 209-216
Advanced SA/PVA-based hydrogel matrices with prolonged release of Aloe vera as promising wound dressings.
Bialik-Wąs K, Pluta K, Malina D, Barczewski M, Malarz K, Mrozek-Wilczkiewicz A.
Materials science & engineering. C, Materials for biological applications. 2021; 120(): 111667
Aloe gel-base food products: Chemical, toxicological, and regulatory aspects.
Baldi A, Sommella E, Campiglia P, Daglia M.
Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology : RTP. 2021; 119(): 104818
Aloe Vera-Mediated Te Nanostructures: Highly Potent Antibacterial Agents and Moderated Anticancer Effects.
Medina-Cruz D, Vernet-Crua A, Mostafavi E, González MU, Martínez L, Iii ADJ, Kusper M, Sotelo E, Gao M, Geoffrion LD, Shah V, Guisbiers G, Cholula-Díaz JL, Guillermier C, Khanom F, Huttel Y, García-Martín JM, Webster TJ.
Nanomaterials (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 11(2):
Tactile sensing biohybrid soft E-skin based on bioimpedance using aloe vera pulp tissues.
Mousa MA, Soliman M, Saleh MA, Radwan AG.
Scientific reports. 2021; 11(1): 3054
Effect of dietary pomegranate peel (Punica granatum L.) and Aloe vera gel (Aloe barbadensis miller) supplementation on testicular antioxidant biomarkers and spermatogenesis enzymes in mature V-Line rabbit bucks.
Bakeer MR, El-Attrouny MM, Abdelatty AM.
Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition. 2021; 105(1): 175-182
Quantitative determination of aloin, antioxidant activity, and toxicity of Aloe vera leaf gel products from Greece.
Kaparakou EH, Kanakis CD, Gerogianni M, Maniati M, Vekrellis K, Skotti E, Tarantilis PA.
Journal of the science of food and agriculture. 2021; 101(2): 414-423
Health Potential of against Oxidative Stress Induced Corneal Damage: An "In Vitro" Study.
Ceravolo I, Mannino F, Irrera N, Squadrito F, Altavilla D, Ceravolo G, Pallio G, Minutoli L.
Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 10(2):
Antimicrobial Efficiency of and Natural and Commercial Products.
Kupnik K, Primožič M, Knez Ž, Leitgeb M.
Plants (Basel, Switzerland). 2021; 10(1):
G-CSFR antagonism reduces mucosal injury and airways fibrosis in a virus-dependent model of severe asthma.
Wang H, Aloe C, Mcqualter J, Papanicolaou A, Vlahos R, Wilson N, Bozinovski S.
British journal of pharmacology. 2021; ():
An environmental management technology for the processing of American aloe fibers using xylano-pectinolytic enzymes.
Kaur A, Varghese LM, Battan B, Patra AK, Mandhan RP, Mahajan R.
Environmental science and pollution research international. 2021; ():
Optimisation of microwave-assisted extraction (MAE) of anthraquinone and flavonoids from (L.) Roxb.
Yeong YL, Pang SF, Putranto A, Gimbun J.
Natural product research. 2021; (): 1-5
Potential of Aloe vera gel coating for storage life extension and quality conservation of fruits and vegetables: An overview.
Hasan MU, Riaz R, Malik AU, Khan AS, Anwar R, Rehman RNU, Ali S.
Journal of food biochemistry. 2021; (): e13640
Postharvest Aloe vera gel coating application maintains the quality of harvested green chilies during cold storage.
Ul Hasan M, Ullah Malik A, Anwar R, Sattar Khan A, Haider MW, Riaz R, Ali S, Ur Rehman RN, Ziaf K.
Journal of food biochemistry. 2021; (): e13682
Isolation, identification and bioactivity analysis of an endophytic fungus isolated from Aloe vera collected from Asir desert, Saudi Arabia.
Ameen F, Stephenson SL, AlNadhari S, Yassin MA.
Bioprocess and biosystems engineering. 2021; ():
Pharmaceutical importance of some promising plant species with special reference to the isolation and extraction of bioactive compounds: A review.
Das G, Patra JK, Kang SS, Shin HS.
Current pharmaceutical biotechnology. 2021; ():
Natural substances to potentiate canonical glioblastoma chemotherapy.
Arcella A, Sanchez M.
Journal of chemotherapy (Florence, Italy). 2021; (): 1-12
Antileishmanial and cytotoxic activity of secondary metabolites from and two species.
Andima M, Ndakala A, Derese S, Biswajyoti S, Hussain A, Yang LJ, Akoth OE, Coghi P, Pal C, Heydenreich M, Wong VK, Yenesew A.
Natural product research. 2021; (): 1-5
Anthraquinones inhibit cytochromes P450 enzyme activity in silico and in vitro.
Liu Y, Mapa MST, Sprando RL.
Journal of applied toxicology : JAT. 2021; ():
Anti-tyrosinase activity of South African Aloe species and isolated compounds plicataloside and aloesin.
Mikayoulou M, Mayr F, Temml V, Pandian A, Vermaak I, Chen W, Komane B, Stuppner H, Viljoen A.
Fitoterapia. 2021; (): 104828
A comparison of the efficacy of silicone gel containing onion extract and aloe vera to silicone gel sheets to prevent postoperative hypertrophic scars and keloids.
Pangkanon W, Yenbutra P, Kamanamool N, Tannirandorn A, Udompataikul M.
Journal of cosmetic dermatology. 2021; ():
The effects and mechanisms of aloe-emodin on reversing adriamycin-induced resistance of MCF-7/ADR cells.
Cheng G, Pi Z, Zhuang X, Zheng Z, Liu S, Liu Z, Song F.
Phytotherapy research : PTR. 2021; ():
Traditionally Used Natural Products in Preventing Ionizing Radiation-Induced Dermatitis: First Review on the Clinical Studies.
Kalekhan F, Kudva AK, Raghu SV, Rao S, Hegde SK, Simon P, Baliga MS.
Anti-cancer agents in medicinal chemistry. 2021; ():
[Aloe vera in the prevention and treatment of radiogenic proctitis?]
Herrmann T.
Strahlentherapie und Onkologie : Organ der Deutschen Rontgengesellschaft ... [et al]. 2021; ():
Aloe vera for Prevention of Acute Radiation Proctitis in Colorectal Cancer a Preliminary Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial.
Sahebnasagh A, Saghafi F, Ghasemi A, Akbari J, Alipour A, Habtemariam S, Safdari M, Ghaleno HR, Salehifar E.
Journal of gastrointestinal cancer. 2021; ():
Oral treatment with Aloe polysaccharide ameliorates ovalbumin-induced atopic dermatitis by restoring tight junctions in skin.
Na K, Lkhagva-Yondon E, Kim M, Lim YR, Shin E, Lee CK, Jeon MS.
Scandinavian journal of immunology. 2020; 91(3): e12856
Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Active Fish Gelatin-Based Edible Films Added with Aloe Vera Gel.
Sánchez JT, García AV, Martínez-Abad A, Vilaplana F, Jiménez A, Garrigós MC.
Foods (Basel, Switzerland). 2020; 9(9):
Retinal and Choroidal Vasculature in Patients with Marfan Syndrome.
Di Marino M, Cesareo M, Aloe G, Nucci C, Giannini C, Martucci A, Aiello F, Pisano C, Ruvolo G, Mancino R.
Translational vision science & technology. 2020; 9(9): 5
Continuous Flow UV-C Irradiation Effects on the Physicochemical Properties of Gel and Pitaya (S spp.) Blend.
Meléndez-Pizarro CO, Calva-Quintana A, Espinoza-Hicks JC, Sánchez-Madrigal MÁ, Quintero-Ramos A.
Foods (Basel, Switzerland). 2020; 9(8):
Effect of Packaging and Coating Technique on Postharvest Quality and Shelf Life of L. and L. Microgreens.
Ghoora MD, Srividya N.
Foods (Basel, Switzerland). 2020; 9(5):
Efficient Micropropagation Protocol for the Conservation of the Endangered , an Ornamental and Medicinal Species.
Hlatshwayo NA, Amoo SO, Olowoyo JO, Doležal K.
Plants (Basel, Switzerland). 2020; 9(4):
Effect of Natural Preservatives on the Nutritional Profile, Chemical Composition, Bioactivity and Stability of a Nutraceutical Preparation of .
Fernandes FA, Carocho M, Heleno SA, Rodrigues P, Dias MI, Pinela J, Prieto MA, Simal-Gandara J, Barros L, Ferreira ICFR.
Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland). 2020; 9(4):
Differential Biological Behavior of Fibroblasts and Endothelial Cells under Gel Culturing.
Shafaie S, Andalib S, Shafaei H, Montaseri A, Tavakolizadeh M.
International journal of molecular and cellular medicine. 2020; 9(3): 234-246
Protective and Therapeutic Effects of Aloe Vera Gel on Ulcerative Colitis Induced by Acetic Acid in Rats.
Bahrami G, Malekshahi H, Miraghaee S, Madani H, Babaei A, Mohammadi B, Hatami R.
Clinical nutrition research. 2020; 9(3): 223-234
Vacillantins A and B, New Anthrone -glycosides, and a New Dihydroisocoumarin Glucoside from and Its Antioxidant Activities.
Al-Tamimi M, Al-Massarani SM, El-Gamal AA, Basudan OA, Abdel-Kader MS, Abdel-Mageed WM.
Plants (Basel, Switzerland). 2020; 9(12):
Wound Healing Effects of : In Vitro Investigations Using Immortalized Human Keratinocytes (HaCaT).
Fouché M, Willers C, Hamman S, Malherbe C, Steenekamp J.
Biology. 2020; 9(11):
Effect of Postharvest Application of Aloe Vera Gel on Shelf Life, Activities of Anti-Oxidative Enzymes, and Quality of 'Gola' Guava Fruit.
Rehman MA, Asi MR, Hameed A, Bourquin LD.
Foods (Basel, Switzerland). 2020; 9(10):
Aloe-emodin induces autophagy and apoptotic cell death in non-small cell lung cancer cells via Akt/mTOR and MAPK signaling.
Shen F, Ge C, Yuan P.
European journal of pharmacology. 2020; 886(): 173550
Covid-19 emergency in prison: Current management and forensic perspectives.
Caputo F, Gratteri S, Sacco MA, Scalise C, Cacciatore G, Bonetta F, Zibetti A, Aloe L, Sicilia F, Cordasco F, Ricci P, Aquila I.
The Medico-legal journal. 2020; 88(4): 185-186
The role of ethanethiol in deaths from acute poisoning by gas mixtures: A suicide case involving a decomposed corpse and a review of the literature.
Aquila I, Ricci C, Sacco MA, Gratteri S, De Aloe L, De Pasquale CC, Ricci P.
The Medico-legal journal. 2020; 88(4): 199-204
Does the group in group psychotherapy matter? A meta-analysis of the intraclass correlation coefficient in group treatment research.
Kivlighan DM, Aloe AM, Adams MC, Garrison YL, Obrecht A, Ho YCS, Kim JYC, Hooley IW, Chan L, Deng K.
Journal of consulting and clinical psychology. 2020; 88(4): 322-337
The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on domestic violence: The dark side of home isolation during quarantine.
Sacco MA, Caputo F, Ricci P, Sicilia F, De Aloe L, Bonetta CF, Cordasco F, Scalise C, Cacciatore G, Zibetti A, Gratteri S, Aquila I.
The Medico-legal journal. 2020; 88(2): 71-73
Interpreting the effectiveness of a summer reading program: The eye of the beholder.
Reed DK, Aloe AM.
Evaluation and program planning. 2020; 83(): 101852
Application of Aloe vera mucilage as bioflocculant for the treatment of textile wastewater: process optimization.
Ashwini Prabhakar S, Ojha N, Das N.
Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Resear. 2020; 82(11): 2446-2459
Aloe sp. leaf gel and water glass for municipal wastewater sludge treatment and odour removal.
Jaouadi T, Hajji M, Kasmi M, Kallel A, Chatti A, Hamzaoui H, Mnif A, Tizaoui C, Trabelsi I.
Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Resear. 2020; 81(3): 479-490
Possible use of organic compounds on shelf life and quality properties of peeled pomegranate.
Kaveh H, Vatandoost S.
Food science & nutrition. 2020; 8(1): 636-647
Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles by Ecofriendly Routes: Adsorbent for Copper Removal From Wastewater.
Primo JO, Bittencourt C, Acosta S, Sierra-Castillo A, Colomer JF, Jaerger S, Teixeira VC, Anaissi FJ.
Frontiers in chemistry. 2020; 8(): 571790
Response to: 'OCTA, a sensitive screening for asymptomatic retinopathy, raises alarm over systemic involvements in patients with SLE' by Mizuno et .
Conigliaro P, Cesareo M, Chimenti MS, Triggianese P, Canofari C, Aloe G, Nucci C, Perricone R.
Annals of the rheumatic diseases. 2020; 79(2): e18
Identification of potential inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 main protease from compounds: A molecular docking study.
Mpiana PT, Ngbolua KT, Tshibangu DST, Kilembe JT, Gbolo BZ, Mwanangombo DT, Inkoto CL, Lengbiye EM, Mbadiko CM, Matondo A, Bongo GN, Tshilanda DD.
Chemical physics letters. 2020; 754(): 137751
Nutritional Composition, Bioactive Compounds and Antioxidant Activity of Wild Edible Flowers Consumed in Semiarid Regions of Mexico.
Pinedo-Espinoza JM, Gutiérrez-Tlahque J, Santiago-Saenz YO, Aguirre-Mancilla CL, Reyes-Fuentes M, López-Palestina CU.
Plant foods for human nutrition (Dordrecht, Netherlands). 2020; 75(3): 413-419
Therapeutic and Histopathological Effect of Aloe vera and Salvia officinalis Hydroethanolic Extracts against Streptococcus iniae in Rainbow Trout.
Tafi AA, Meshkini S, Tukmechi A, Alishahi M, Noori F.
Archives of Razi Institute. 2020; 75(2): 257-287
Aloe emodin inhibits telomerase activity in breast cancer cells: transcriptional and enzymological mechanism.
Wang S, Yan WW, He M, Wei D, Long ZJ, Tao YM.
Pharmacological reports : PR. 2020; 72(5): 1383-1396
A Double-Blind Randomized Placebo-Controlled Study Assessing the Safety, Tolerability and Efficacy of a Herbal Medicine Containing Pycnogenol Combined with Papain and in the Prevention and Management of Pre-Diabetes.
Vitetta L, Butcher B, Dal Forno S, Vitetta G, Nikov T, Hall S, Steels E.
Medicines (Basel, Switzerland). 2020; 7(4):
Suhardono, Siswanto, Jarot Sugiharta, Ajeng Titah Normawati.
Journal of Critical Reviews. 2020; 7(4): 581-583
Domestic waste emissions to European waters in the 2010s.
Vigiak O, Grizzetti B, Zanni M, Aloe A, Dorati C, Bouraoui F, Pistocchi A.
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A pharmacodynamic study of a new gel containing an extract of Aloe vera and an extract of oak bark for potential treatment of periodontal diseases.
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